Town Of Corning Fire Department and First Responders
Town Of Corning Fire Department and First Responders

Tender 13 (T13)


Tender 13 was purchased in 19xx as a semi tractor previously owned by Marth Wood Products in Little Chicago, WI.  After purchase the frame was stretched and a 3750 gallon fiberglass tank was added by GPI Corporation in Schofield, WI.  This truck used to be driven daily in it's life as a semi by one of our own members!


1984 GMC General

855 Cummins (350 HP)

9 Speed Road Ranger Transmission

3750 Gallon Tank

Additional Equipment

In addition to water, Tanker 1 also carries a folding portable tank which allows for dropping a load of water for an engine to use while the tanker leaves for more water.  T1 also carries many fittings and adaptors to ensure it can be filled by our mutual aid departments portable pumps.  The passenger seat of T1 has been replaced with a "jump seat" which allows the passenger to be in full SCBA gear at arrival.  As with all of our units, T1 has a portable GPS unit which serves to direct the driver to the correct address and provide coordinates for a helicopter landing. While it may be the oldest unit in our fleet, T1 is known as the fastest tanker in the area due to it's strong engine and 9 speed transmission.


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